How to Choose The Best Hot Shot Delivery Service

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Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Hot shot delivery companies offer very specialized delivery services, services that are imperative to people or companies who need quick deliveries regardless of delivery size. Hot shot delivery drivers don’t generally drive full size trucks; they drive semis, flat beds, they haul trailers, they drive any ample means necessary to get the deliveries they haul where they need to be within the same day on time.

There are express trucking companies, but they are not exactly the same as hot shot delivery services. Hot shot delivery services deliver smaller loads than normal in an express fashion, usually same day or within hours. These deliveries are more expensive than regular deliveries or even express deliveries, but you pay for the speed. Drivers haul less but get paid more for the premium based on the time of the deliveries that they make.

Here are several things to consider when choosing a hot shot delivery company to suit your needs:

  • Dedicated hot shot drivers: Not all companies that offer hot shot delivery service have dedicated hots hot delivery drivers, but this can be exceptionally important if you need your light haul delivered by a specific time. Hot short drivers understand the importance of meeting a deadline, no matter how difficult, so your package gets where it needs to be intact, on time.·
  • Make sure they are properly insured: As this is a rush job and the hauler will be delivering a light cargo, it is imperative the insurance is available, enough insurance, in case something does go wrong. The last thing you want is a destroyed package delivered quickly without full and fair value as recompense.
  • Make sure there are no weight and size limitations. A true hot shot delivery service will deliver any size package where it needs to be, when it needs to be delivered. That is why you pay a high premium for the hotshot service. If they start tacking in extra terms and fees, it’s not worth it.
  • Make sure the company has a full staff of contracted hot shot drivers: Hot shot deliveries are tough on truck delivery drivers, as there is often no stopping between deliveries, long days and long distances to be covered. The last thing you want is an overworked hot shot delivery driver after 4 or 5 non-stop delivery days being responsible for your package. Make sure the truckers are dedicated to hot shot delivery, but get ample down time.
  • If you are industry specific, find an industry specific delivery line or service: There are plenty of medical hot shot delivery services, agricultural hot shot delivery services, commercial hot shot delivery services, and even livestock hot shot delivery services. Your cargo is precious, and may require special attention. Plants need water, drugs and blood samples need certain temperatures and atmospheres, so choose accordingly.

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