Local Delivery Companies hit it Big Because of Ecommerce Sites

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Posted on Jul 20, 2017

The delivery industry is booming more than ever before, and for quite obvious reasons. The digital age and specifically ecommerce sites have provided a tremendous amount of business for local delivery services. In fact, many companies are looking for cost effective, quick, dependable delivery services to keep customers happy and to try and keep up with the high volume of business that is flooding the market today.

Alacrity Package Delivery Service is a Miami delivery service that has gained incredible market share thanks to the ecommerce boom. They are always ready to handle more business, but the high volume of deliveries from the tremendous amount of good purchased online has exposed them as one of the best, most efficient delivery companies in the Greater Miami area. As any ecommerce business could tell you, an ecommerce or local business that ships a lot of goods can only be as successful as the delivery company that they hire.

Ecommerce companies are getting more business than ever before, and are slowly eliminating long standing brick and mortar stores. Why go shopping when you can shop at the same price from the comfort and safety of your own home? There’s no fuss, no crowds, and you can shop for what you want in minutes from the comfort of your favorite chair. But that requires the services of a great local delivery service.

Here are some prime examples of why local delivery services are booming, and why local businesses and good ecommerce sites need to find great local delivery services to partner with now.

  • Amazon – Amazon is the largest online retailer on the planet and is one of the 10 largest retailers PERIOD, without having one brick and mortar storefront. Far from the book exchange Amazon started as, the company boasts millions of customers and ships billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise each year.
  • EBay – This is the company that essentially started it all, offering a combination of bidding and selling platforms for anyone with anything to sell. Paypal was started to accommodate EBay transactions, and deliveries galore occur in many localities thanks to EBay.
  • Online Auctions – Who hasn’t heard of penny auctions? Online auctions account for many millions of dollars of shipping business each and every year.
  • Grocery Stores – That is correct, in many large cities people grocery shop online now, and the groceries are then delivered within hours. This is the trend of the future; soon virtual grocery stores will dominate the market.
  • Department Stores like Walmart and Target – These companies now ship nearly as much merchandise as they sell in their stores, accounting for tens of thousands of deliveries each and every day.
  • Local Ecommerce Stores – These are the companies that really need a great local delivery service to help them meet demand and grow market share.

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