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Posted on Apr 11, 2017


Local Delivery Companies Create New Jobs with Amazon

Miami—Alacrity Delivery, a local parcel delivery service, is helping to create new jobs thanks to seeking a partnership with Amazon and other national warehouses. Alacrity offers a variety of delivery options that caters to the needs of many businesses throughout the Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach Counties. Customers have their choice between the Miami-based courier service, the hot shot delivery, or their e-commerce delivery. Open seven days a week, the company strives to delight their customers with their readiness to help in any situation, whether it’s a small package or large cargo. They ensure service is affordable, fast, and personalized no matter which of their solutions is chosen.

The Miami courier service allows a courier to pick up packages that are time-sensitive and deliver them safely. This set-up helps customers keep their deadlines even in emergencies. While they offer simple one-time deliveries, their hot shot delivery service allows clients to receive scheduled pick-ups for delivery that same day. The service can be used for deliveries within the company, bank deposits, outgoing shipments and much more.

Their services expand beyond just delivering packages. The company’s work in e-commerce assists retailers in reducing the price on shipping. They can cut costs by providing integration that is real-time to their clients’ internal customer service platforms, ERP that provides back-end trace and track functionality, and order entry software. These provisions ensure a smooth transfer of delivery and manifest information, such as XML and EDI.

All of Alacrity Delivery’s solutions are geared to help local businesses with reliable efficiency that they might find lacking in other companies. They strive to differentiate themselves by being dependable and flexible with their availability. Their attempts to be professional while personal seem to be paying off as they continue to grow in the South Florida area.

The company continues to reach new heights in its services as they consider expanding their services to drone delivery. Their willingness to constantly evolve to help businesses in more efficient ways has done great things for the Miami area they serve. With Alacrity Delivery actively seeking a partnership with Amazon and other national warehouses, they are hoping to create new jobs for locals and bolster their business. Those interested in learning more about Alacrity Delivery are encouraged to visit the company’s website at Alacrity Delivery.

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