Why Using a Local Package Delivery Company Will Save You Money

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Posted on Jul 13, 2017

While it might seem like a little thing, using a local delivery company can help you save money in a myriad of ways. Over time, the continued use of a local delivery company can add up to a good deal of savings. Aside from helping the local economy, using a local delivery company cuts costs in various methods. Here is a list of ways that using a local delivery company can help you save money over time:

  • Fuel: No driving to the store means no wasted gas. As we have all seen over the years gas can get quite expensive quite quick. Why waste gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle when you can very simply have goods delivered and save not only the cost but the time and the hassle as well. Isn’t the old saying ‘time is money’? Especially as gas and oil prices rise, the less you use your vehicle the more money you save, and using a local delivery company means that you are not wasting gas or oil.
  • Shipping charges: Local businesses mean that little to no shipping charges will be required for delivery. The further an item is shipped the more shipping and freight charges are incurred. These costs aren’t eaten by the seller or by the manufacturer of any good, they are passed on somewhere to the customer. By using local delivery services to deliver things from nearby, you are reducing or even eliminating expensive shipping charges, keeping your money in your pocket where it belongs.
  • Less Labor: The further that a package travels, the more people it will involve for delivery. By eliminating further travel you cut out the labor costs associated with a long trip. The goods don’t put themselves in a box or load themselves in a truck, label themselves or unload themselves. This means that people have to be paid to do these things. The more people that handle the package, the more people there are that have to be paid.
  • Eliminate cross-state taxes: You may not notice it but some states have higher sales taxes than others. Some states, like Oregon and Delaware, don’t eve’ have sales tax. But you could still be taxed on goods, or taxed on goods at a higher rate, on goods that you buy that you have shipped to you from long distance. Local shipping on local goods eliminates the possibility of cross state taxes or fees that can quickly add up.
  • Help the local economy, which in the long run helps you: This is not something that immediately puts dollars back into your bank account, but over time it can add up to a good deal of savings. Using local businesses and local delivery services means that you are putting money back into the local economy, which means you are helping to raise the standard of living. Over time that will mean a better quality of life for you and your loved ones, as basic economy 101 shows that a buoyant local economy tends to be good for the entire community.

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